An opportunity par excellence

It is this very beguiling nature of the game that prompted the developers of Pinnacle Heights to swing into action when they chanced upon 386 acres of the most naturally perfect golf terrain in Caledon, Ontario.

Born of a vision and a passion for the sport, the Pinnacle Heights Golf and Country Club has all the makings of a great golf destination. Right from day one, the developers recognized the potential of this diamond in the rough. Having secured all necessary zoning permissions, the project now just needs the deft drive of a visionary entrepreneur to bring it to fruition.

Whether it’s the natural beauty of the undulating Caledon landscape, the course’s proximity to highways or the promise of a luxurious lifestyle, Pinnacle Heights Golf and Country Club is a golfing opportunity just waiting to tee-off.


Golfing legend Arnold Palmer once said, 'Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.'

For those who play the game, it satisfies the soul, but often challenges the intellect. And the same holds true for those who design the grand courses on which the game is played. Although the end result in either case is always rewarding.


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